Questions on the Fascinate


Jan 5, 2010
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I have some questions on the Fascinate that I can't really seem to find answers to.. please none of this X vs Fascinate crap, I'd just like some honest answers here:

1.) Can the Fascinate be rooted to android 2.2
If so:
-is the google search issue taken care of?
-can it run CM6?

2.) Does rooting cure the GPS problem with the Fascinate

Thanks in advance. I am looking to get this phone because of its fantastic gpu, but if Froyo is not an option once rooted I will have to wait for something else to come along. Before anyone suggests -- I am not interested in the Droid X, it is one upgrade away from being old tech just like the inc was before the X was released. Also the gpu in the X is still choppy, which is my main concern for purchasing a new phone aside from Froyo. I'd like to have a phone that will hold its worth for the next couple of months until they release a decent LTE phone.
As far as I know, nobody has been able to get a fully working 2.2 build on the Fascinate. There are some 2.2 ROMs, but they all have pretty major issues (buttons not mapped correctly, features not working, etc).

As for Cyanogen, the Fascinate is on the 6.1 roadmap, but at this point, it seems contingent on 2.2 officially being released, as I believe they're having the same issues with the device that the other ROM builders are. I believe they'll support it once they get the 2.2 source code for it.
Alright. Thanks for the info.

With that said, are there roms out there for the Fascinate that deliver the vanilla android 2.1 experience, or possibly built on like earlier CM and BB releases?

If I have to tolerate 2.1 I'd like it as far away from that inferior search engine Bung, as possible.
I don't have tech specific answers for you, but I looked at one for the wife a bit. (didn't buy)

My gut feeling is you will be very unhappy you didn't wait once the new year is here. Lot's of good stuff coming don't settle at the 11th hour! dancedroid
Yeah if there is no Fascinate solution, I am just going to wait it out and pray my OG Droid keeps itself in one piece til then.