Question about the new .608 GB Update


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Oct 19, 2011
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Hi im new to the forum and had a question about the new GB Update.

I have an Unrooted D2G and I got the .608 GB update yesterday and was wondering if there was any way to revert back to Froyo 2.2???

The reason I want to do this is because of the wifi tethering mainly. Ive been reading that verizon has cracked down on that with the .608 update. If wifi tethering is not that big of a deal and you all think i should just stick with the .608 and root from here then what process do you suggest i use for rooting?

I am very new to the whole rooting process but have been doing a ton of research and this forum as been very helpful.

Sorry if this is already a thread or been asked somewhere else. I appreciate any help. Thanks


Sep 5, 2011
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listen to gasai... what she said has definately helped me in the past.. sooo if you want froyo.. then you should check that link and SBF. IF you want to wait a little bit if its worth it you can keep the few perks of gingerbread and then go find a work around for the wifi tether thing.. im pretty sure there 2 or 3 out. one is radicomm which is complicated and unless you are good at following directions... dont do it. and the other one is a wifi tether app that you install and i believe yous select a different phone profile and it cant be detected..
The radicomm hack has been proved and tested.
the other ive seen a few people saying yea. but i wouldnt roll with that yet. its not confirmed by anybody big that i see
If you would like to try the radicomm hack.. idk where to find it on these forums (i know not helpful) but you could easily type in radicomm wifi tether hack into a search engine and there you go
give me a shout if you have any questions. (especially SBF i found a very interesting fact about it today that suprised me)