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Apr 13, 2011
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South Florida
I use Yahoo for my email and recently imported those contacts into my Gmail account online. Now when I look at my contacts list on my phone some contacts have a generic profile outline as a picture and then I have duplicates of some with an SD card icon. Why is that? In some cases I will have 2 of the same person with an SD card icon. One I can delete and the other it doesn't give me the option. What is going on? I have attached a picture of the problem.

Thank you

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I think you are suffering from dual storage syndrome!

You have contacts stored in both the phone, AND your SD card, not to mention, Google's servers.
Facebook syncs to the contacts list also, so I had to disable the app. I am starting to have gmail do the same with their notifications, so THAT will need to be shut off too.
I like a quiet phone, and I do not need to be alerted of every possible message I receive. I actually enjoy doing things on my own.