Can't import Gmail contacts via VCF file


Sep 16, 2010
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Baltimore, MD
I can export to Gmail contacts to SD but then can't import them back from SD.

My goal is to consolidate all of my contacts to my phone so that nothing is stored in my Gmail account. The reason for this is that I use MyBackup Pro (which I paid for) and it backs up both phone and Gmail contacts. Great, but the problem is that when I do a restore after a wipe or something, it adds the backed-up contacts to the existing Gmail contacts online as duplicates every time I restore, which also creates duplicate in my address book. The best way to prevent this is to keep everything on the phone (backed up of coarse) and nothing in Gmail, which I don't use anyway.

I've done some searching and the best way I've found is to export all Gmail contacts to SDcard, delete all and then import them back to "phone". However, when I try to import them back, I get the the following error message: "Failed to parse vCard for unexpected reason (Reached end of buffer.)". I've tried with several exported VCFs and I always get this message, EXCEPT for phone contacts export/imports. I can export phone contacts and import them back just fine. It's only the Gmail contacts that I'm having this problem.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.