Call log and contacts suddenly gone. Help!


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Nov 24, 2009
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I recently updated Handcent, and I had a task killer that has since been deleted. What caused this!? Almost all of my contacts that I've called in the past 2-3 months are gone, while some others are still there. Basically, I have the contacts that have phone numbers on facebook, but most others are missing.

I have spent all day updating my contacts in gmail with phone numbers. If this happens again, is that the best way to get my contacts back?

Also, I tried backing up contacts to the SD card. In my contact list, I have FB not synced. However, when I saved to the SD, it saved my contact list from gmail, as well as all of my FB friends. I only wanted my phone contact list. Is there any way to get the FB stuff off of the SD card, and can I save only my phone contacts and not FB?