Question about Auto Correction...


Nov 11, 2009
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Hey peeps,

Does the Droid's auto correction thingy allow you to add/change corrections? For example I want to type mom but I want the droid to auto correct it by replacing it with Mom. I looked but didn't see it.

Settings -> Language & keyboard -> User dictionary
I was wondering the same thing but never looked before. :)
Ok so now if I type mom this should work. (Typing from my Droid) Aw man it didn't but it did suggest it. Hmmm still trying figure this out.
Ok I see what it's doing, it's saying "mom" is ok but suggesting "Mom" and if I want "Mom" instead I gotta use the spacebar before I complete spelling out mom in order for to accept "Mom". Hmm.. so is there a way to get it to auto correct it as "Mom" without me using the spacebar or pressing the suggested "Mom" ? Wow Mom is popular here. :)

-- edit -- and I just realized "Wow" is "Mom" upside down. LOL!
Is there a way to disable all auto settings as not to have the underlining while typing individual letters?