Auto-Correct Custom Dictionary


Jul 1, 2011
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I just switched from a BlackBerry Bold (OS 6) to a Droid Pro, and am loving the Droid. But unless I am missing something I have to say that the dictionary functionality of the BB was way better. I am trying to set up a few auto-correct words and phrases that come along often when texting. I had my BB set up so that I typed "c" and it changed it to "see" and things like that. "See you in a minute" was typed as "C u n a min" and the BB changed each word. I had also set it up so that when I typed "qq" it auto-corrected to "I'm driving. Can't really text. Call me if you want to."

I'm not seeing that there is a way to set this up in the Droid. Is a new user missing something?

I dont remember it being an option on the stock keyboard. You could try some keyboards from the market. There was one that I used before that I was able to do this. Sorry I dont remember which one but if you type in keyboard most of them have demo or paid versions you could try out.
Appreciate the tip, but the biggest reason I got the Pro instead of one of the other Droids is that I wanted a physical keyboard. I'm a big guy (6' 6") and have big fingers. The "heat signature" (that's what I call it -- probably not the right technical term) of my finger tip is larger than average, and I don't particularly like typing on the onscreen keyboards. Ideally, for me, the auto-correct functionality would be integrated into the physical keyboard on the Pro which is clearly on there because there are people like me who prefer that method of input.
Sorry, my original description was completely lacking. I was thinking you could enable the type of shortcuts you were looking for and they work in any textfield. Thinking about it though I was being silly and I am sure you need to be using the keyboard and not the physical one. The only other thing I can think is try downloading another mms app. Handcent and Go SMS Pro both have a ton of customization.

For example handcent has a quick text setting which enables you to set custom phrases and all you need to do is long-press in the text field of your message and it gives you the option to select one of your custom phrases. Handcent does have a lot of settings and may take some time getting used to them and how it works though. I realize this is a bit different then what you mentioned but it is something to try. Go SMS I am not sure if it has this function.

Sorry my first answer was a dud lol.