Auto-correct typing, I hate it.

Bill M

Nov 7, 2009
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Butler, NJ
I'm not sure if the settings work correctly on this phone. I want to turn off the auto-correction but still have the suggested words show on the bottom of the typing window. Anyone else having a problem?

I prefer typing on screen rather the slide out keyboard. I can type just fine on my ipod touch, but I'm having a little difficulty with this phone.

is it still automatically correcting the word when you're done typing it? the words still may show up on the suggestion bar, but does it actually change them still?
In the settings menu if I uncheck Quick Fixes but leave Show suggestions checked, it does not auto correct words, but it also does not display suggested words. I would like it to display the suggested words and if I touch the word it uses it, rather than it automatically fixing it.
Ok, I don't know what I did but it is working the way I want it to now. All I did was turn off android keyboard and turn it back on again.