Auto Correction Using Physical Keyboard


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Nov 8, 2009
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What's up all, I had the droid since day 1 and I love the phone, coming from a BB Tour, and been trying to force myself to get use to the Keyboard, after some practice I been getting better, but I was wondering, is there a way you can get the spell checker/ auto correction while using the Physical Keyboard? I went to setting and under Keyboard and it has the options to auto correct or spell check, but that seems like it is only for the touch screen keyboard. am I doing something wrong or is there no spell check for the P.Keyboard?
Nope. No auto correction with the physical keyboard. It's my hope that it is included in the upcoming update.
this would be a sweet update if it does happen! I could really use this feature as I use the auto-correct screen as a kind of "suretype"/shortcut keyboard. Speeds up my typing.
there's a way to add it, search for HTC keyboard and you'll find a way to port the HTC keyboard over to Droid, and that comes with autocorrect. One of the first things I did on my Droid and I'm happy with it.