Proof that Google is More Innovative than Apple, Plus the Myth of 'Pinch-to-Zoom'

Has anyone here watched this...

Wow, great discussion (although definately one sided). His analogy of apple as a recipe creator is right on.
That video eye opening. Had NO idea about the 30 pin connector. Wow....and that comes up alot in Samsung vs Apple debates. Apple TV is kind of a surprise. I was wondering when Roku was gonna get sued by Apple. I just learned about the history of Unix, BSD, Mac OS and AT&T. Been telling folks about app stores. I think Get It Now on Verizon phones predates the Apple app store on phones. The tablets part will get dissected like mad...but I called it with Surface. Got into a lil debate about that. MS has been working on Surface technology before the iPhone even came out.

+1 for them mentioning the Pippin. One of the few epic failures by Apple.

Interesting stuff has been coming out lately.

Tim Cook actually said "Why should we come up with everything, and everyone else benefit from it"? Wow...
Incredible. I can never respect Apple for their bogus claims. I used to... But now after all that has happened... Ugh.

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They're at it again:
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