Proof that Google is More Innovative than Apple, Plus the Myth of 'Pinch-to-Zoom'


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Dec 30, 2010
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It's funny how sometimes perception doesn't seem to match up with reality. One example is that many consumers think that Apple is the most innovative company in the world. While it is true that they do push innovation further forward, the reality is that in many ways other companies actually innovate much better than the Cupertino clan. We have one great example from Google, and this story also showcases the prevailing myth that Apple holds the patent for "pinch-to-zoom." Here's the skinny.

One of the patents that Apple defeated Samsung on in a U.S. court was the '915 patent. This is the infamous "pinch-to-zoom" patent. However, as it turns out the scope of this patent is actually rather limited. In fact, Google has already developed a superior method of doing the same thing, without actually violating the patent, and they have implemented it in Jelly Bean. Obviously, the best part about this is that future versions of Android will never have to deal with Apple's lawyers regarding this patent. Here's a great quote summarizing the details of why Google's solution is superior, and how it skirts around Apple's version:

...the ’915 patent “specifically covers a programming interface which detects if one finger on a screen is scrolling or two or more fingers are doing something else” and is definitively not a broad patent for pinch-to-zoom technology. Most crucially for Android manufacturers, Google has designed around the ’915 patent by “allowing you to always pan around in multiple directions with one finger, whereas Mobile Safari in iOS generally locks you to a one-dimensional scroll when you start moving with one finger.”

So, there you have it. It seems pretty obvious that Google is just one of many companies that develop superior technology that Apple can't claim is their own. There is one thing that Apple obviously does better than anyone, and that's self-promotion and marketing. They certainly do know how to get the press to dance for them. That's actually how they were able to perpetuate the myth that they actually have a full patent on "pinch-to-zoom." Check out this article at TheVerge for a more in-depth description detailing why this isn't actually true.

Source: BGR
Good job Google. Every time I turn around....another Apple myth is busted.

On one site I recommended hold 2 corners to pinch n zoom. Google, hop on that.
oy.. that's true. I just tested it on the N7. it rotates around, not up and down. cool.
Sounds like Apple will probably have to fire whichever lawyer did that patent.
It's sad that the industry has fallen to this. It isn't necessarily Apple's fault, they are merely abusing a flawed system. It also doesn't help that now everyone will follow suit with, "Samsung is a blatant Apple clone." That will most likely sprout the saying, "Android copies Apple," which is not the case. Google will always drive innovation and not just in smartphones but with tech in general. Unfortunately, because of this lawsuit and those previous, it shows that if you can make a simple set of designs or simple gestures popular, you can essentially stifle your competition even though they came up with it first and are moving on to better things.
And I have no problem with Apple being considered an innovative company. They are. Just dont call them the most innovative. I feel they get put on too high of a pedestal. Fact is, there are many innovative companies. Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Sony, etc.
Let's just hope they actually patented the method and not just geeked out at the fact they out smarted apple.
Apple USED to be the most innovative company, not anymore.

And it absolutely is their fault for abusing a broken system. Some people would call it evil. At the very least it is unethical.

Doctors, lawyers, engineers and some other professionals have codes or take oaths to protect the public or their clients. Some of these oaths/codes include provisions for honest & fair business practices. Now, even though these codes exist, there are those who choose not to abide by them. Apple chooses the dishonest path, thus I consider them an unethical company and thus I boycott their products.
Good job Google. Every time I turn around....another Apple myth is busted.

On one site I recommended hold 2 corners to pinch n zoom. Google, hop on that.

Sounds like we need an episode of Mythbusters. "Apple Innovation Myths"
IM going to go ahead and support this thread ;). I was going to give the iPhone 6a shot, but not after all the attempts to block innovation.

Googorola MAXX
When I first learned about the Braun designs...I was like..whoa... I have yet to see pro Apple folks explain this away. Its mostly met with crickets....and tumble weeds blowing in the wind .....

Apple USED to be the most innovative company, not anymore.

I guess it depends on how one looks at it. Overall....I woulda considered Samsung more innovate even back in the day just because they have their hands in so many areas. Today.....even more. Apple is mainly computer related.

Apple was the most innovate company in the computer industry? Maybe. Overall.....I cant agree. I dont really like Samsung phones...but I feel they dont get enough credit for everything else they do. Memory, TV's, chips, storage, appliances, monitors, blu ray and dvd players, cameras, mobile products....
Sad;y, Apple fans will still live and swear by the myths and never consider the facts no matter where it comes from. Apple is too arrogant (like their followers) to ever admit the truth. They will only believe what their leader tells them.
They've admitted that they took design 'cues' from Braun, but this was far beyond anything I expected. Ridiculous that they blatantly rip off Braun and then go after Samsung.