Problems w/Sky Map, Maps, VZ Navigator on Incredible 2

Did a search for the Sky Map problem and found this thread. Seems like it was working fine running rooted stock froyo but became all disoriented when I went to Liberty GB. I have a DROIDX.

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I can't speak to any phone but the HTC Incredible 2. Once rooted it wasn't fixed, but once I installed Gingersense and wiped data/cache it is working great!
GPS problems

I can confirm I also have this issue. My GPS takes forever to lock. D-Inc one sitting right next to me locks right away and is 100% accurate. GPS on the D-Inc 2 is always a few miles off until it will eventually correct itself, then it will get pretty close to what the D-Inc one shows, which again, is 100% accurate to where I am.

Interesting. Hope I don't have a bad unit. Hope a software update fixes...

Same here. My HTC INC2 does the same thing.
Guys this phone has been out since May. I thought it would be fixed by now?!?