Problems w/Sky Map, Maps, VZ Navigator on Incredible 2

It's July 1st and my Incredible 2 still has this same problem. Any news on the fix?
I am getting frustrated w/this phone. No perm root, no Gingerbread, and a broken compass. Did someone say you can install Gingerbread even though we don't have root? Can you share a link please?
Thank you. Doesn't seem worth it if I can't upgrade in the future. I'd at least like a working compass. I realize I can use other apps that will work other than Google Maps.
I wouldn't flash Gingerbread yet if you don't have S-Off (i.e. rooted) - it sounds like there's risk that you won't be able to get the actual/official update when it comes out - which means you'll have to wait for root all over again on Gingerbread.
HTC is still working on the fix

Just another update... I emailed HTC yesterday to ask about the status of this issue and received the following response (in summary: a fix is in the works, we don't have an ETA yet):

"I understand that you're inquiring about the update to the Incredible 2 pertaining to the compass fix and I'll be more than happy to provide you what information I do have in regards to this as I understand the importance of your device working correctly. At this time we here at HTC are still working on this update and testing it to ensure that when it is released it will offer the fix we've promised. Unfortunately at this time there is still no official release date for said update, however, you can check our website at HTC - Mobile Phones, Smartphones, Cell Phones, PDAs or HTC (htc) on Twitter for more information pertaining to this. I do apologize that I'm not able to provide you an exact time frame in regards to this but we are working towards a resolution."
Looks like this issue has been fixed in the 2.3 update that's now available. After installing the update, both Google Sky Map and Maps are working normally.

P.S. To install the 2.3 update I used the Software Update item in the Settings menu; I didn't wait for Verizon to notify me.
Lame. I have mine rooted and if I install that Gingerbread update I'll lose root. Guess I'll wait for a custom ROM.
That's one of the downsides of rooting. I didn't even know that a real root was ready yet for this phone, I thought it was still just temp root. Anyway, even once I can really root, I don't think I'll do it until Cyanogenmod is available for this phone.
Cyanogen and full root are available. :) I have full root because I want control and bloatware removed.
True but not for those of us who rooted.....yet.

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I wiped data and cache and reinstalled gingersense and now the compass works perfectly.

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