Prime or Bionic, Camera?


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Sep 9, 2011
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I really want a good camera and it appears like the Prime is going to have a 5mp. and the Bionic has an 8mp.
My old Omnia 2 has a 5mp and its pretty good but ive waited two plus years and am wanting a great camera and phone. I want to wait on the Prime though. 1.5 dual core and ICS. Can a 5mp compare to an 8mp? I guess what I am saying is, will the Primes camera be much higher quality that my old Omnia? (can anyone even know this?)
MP doesn't really matter. Many android phones have 8mp cameras but I must say that the iPhone camera which is 5mp is better than some 8mp devices.

More pixels doesn't mean better quality.

it's hard to tell whether it will be better because many assume that the higher the mp the better the camera, but that is not true.