possible to put Internet Explorer browser on?


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Nov 9, 2009
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Asking because for work we use a technet program that requires internet explorer, and i would LOVE to be able to do it right through the phone. Any info would rock, thank you!

~Adam O
Sorry it's not and I doubt Microsoft would want to port it. In addition if the reason to need IE is because of some ActiveX plugin or .NET then it still wouldn't work on Android even if there were some version of IE on Android.
I hear you Adam, I have to use technet too (cableguy) I went with the TILT 2 because it has WM but I hear that WM is getting pretty much ignored now that the droid phones and the Iphone are so popular. Technet will work with opera. problem is, if you need to use the signature capture you need IE. So far I haven't found a way to use those drivers with opera.