POP E-Mail Messages still in e-mail app


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Feb 28, 2012
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First off let me apologize if this is a repeat of others questions but I can't seem to find it with searching through the many posts.

I just upgraded from the original Droid and am having a few growing pains...

I have my e-mail set up and working fine but unlike my old Droid the messages seem to live on forever. I download my e-mail from the server when I check it at home and only want to see messages that are new and still on server. The old Droid would update and get rid of the messages that were no longer on server just the way I wanted.

The only control I see to control messages is when to delete messages. I assume this means messages in the phone app but I chose the never delete any messages in case that is not correct. I am not having any problems with messages getting to my outlook at home.

So, any pointers on how to continue to use the stock RAZR e-mail app and see only my on server messages would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!