Plzzz help!!!!!! Droid razr stuck in fastboot mode and want charge!


Aug 28, 2011
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You have softbricked your phone. You will need what's called a "factory cable" to reflash. The cable has a power connection on the unused 4th pin in the micro usb. You can get one from ebay for around $10. It's gonna ship from either Hong Kong or China, so it'll take a little while to get to you.
At this point, this is about your only option.
The other options are to make your own (google it) or open your phone and directly charge the battery (also google it). I don't recommend trying to directly charge the battery, as you can very easily fry your whole phone. As for making a factory cable, that really just depends on how good you are with a soldering iron.
I just spent about a week without my phone waiting for a factory cable because I screwed up my framework while my battery was at about 10%.
There really isn't much else you can do, but I wouldn't keep messing with it. If your battery totally dies, your phone may end up just being a very expensive paperweight.
Hope this helps.