Please help, Droid stopped working!!!


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Nov 6, 2009
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I was transfering ringtones to my sdcard, and all of a sudden, my phone rebooted on its own as the transfers finished. It keeps turning on and off, and it says occassionally searching for sd card, and the startup droid sound gets cut off, and the screen is unresponsive and just keeps rebooting. I placed another micro sd card that I had (8g) without anything on it, and the phone worked after 2 reboots. I transfered the files over from the 16g to my 8g, and reinserted in the phone and it just reboots over and over again. I reformatted the 16g, and placed it back on the phone and it still does not work. I erased and formatted the 8g and its also just rebooting. Both cards are visible on my computer with the contents in place and am able to open them, but for some reason the phone does not recognize any of them. If I leave any of the sd cards in the phone reboots and is unresponsive. I have it working without the sd card, but I want the items I have stored on my sd card. Any suggestions, or help, please....
might have to format that SD card through the Droid