[THEME] PlayStore 4.1.6 ...plus 13 other G-Apps - Blacked Out or Transparent (05/15/2013)

Google Music updated to the latest version
OP updated.. Added Gmail and Gtalk to this thread and closing the other one with just those 2
Updated Google Translate
YouTube updated to 4.4.11
DjDarkknight updated it but I haven't added it to my threads yet...

B-boy? My website for all my work in 1 place...

OK...I just was confused bc it seemed like I had the more updated version. I updated but went back...prefer the darkness.
OP updated .. Black Play Store 4.0.25
Fixed the black text issue
Clear Play Store 4.0.25 added to the OP...
Added 9 colors of the Play Store to the OP...
Updated Google Voice to
Updated Play Store to 4.0.26
Updated Play Store to 4.0.27