Facebook 3.2, Plus 9 other Popular apps - BLACKED OUT (May 15th - '13)


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[font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Not too many themers Black Out all these apps so I'll try to keep updated as I can but I also have 3 other threads with different apps in them so if something updates just let me know but don't bug me about it and read through to see if anyone else has already given me the heads up on it.. Thanks. [/font]

These are all installable apps like they're from the market. No Root is needed unless Facebook is in system instead of data. If that's the case and you're rooted, just uninstall it with Titanium BackUp or a Root Explorer of some sort and reboot. Then install mine.

Feel free to use my work without PM'ing me but make sure you give credits. I obviously didn't make these apps from scratch but they're not exactly easy to Invert so even though I'm very helpful and let people use my work, I do make hidden edits in each app somewhere so if you use my work and don't give credit I'll stop updating and everyone will hate you... ;) JK but seriously... Do give proper credit.

On Facebook an FB Messenger I did make 8 new colors but it is TEXT ONLY.. I don't have the time to fully theme them with images so please don't ask me to... Thanks! :tongue2:

[font=georgia, serif]DOWNLOAD LINKS:[/font]

FACEBOOK 3.2 - updated 05/14/2013

1. http://bit.ly/15Au76H Black Facebook 3.2 - White Text only for now.. busy getting the team launch ready

older version below
FACEBOOK 3.1 - updated 04/16/2013

1. http://bit.ly/17FzEqUBlackFB31White Black Facebook 3.1 - White Text

2. http://bit.ly/XQvnipBlackFB31HoloBlue Black Facebook 3.1 - Holo Blue Text

3. http://bit.ly/11bMyJxBlackFB31Yellow Black Facebook 3.1 - Yellow Text

4. http://bit.ly/13iqKw0BlackFB31Red Black Facebook 3.1 - Red Text

5. http://bit.ly/Yu4P1sBlackFB31Purple Black Facebook 3.1 - Purple Text

6. http://bit.ly/XQvs5XBlackfb31Pink Black Facebook3.1 - Pink Text

7. http://bit.ly/17Fz8sVBlackFB31Orange Black Facebook 3.1 - Orange Text

8. http://bit.ly/111Uyv9BlackFB31Green Black Facebook 3.1 - Green Text

9. http://bit.ly/Z23gvrBlackFB31DarkBlue Black Facebook 3.1 - Dark Blue Text

10. http://bit.ly/13iqo8yBlackFB31Cyan Black Facebook 3.1 - Cyan Text

FACEBOOK MESSENGER 2.4.3 - updated 05/14/2013

1. http://bit.ly/13oqahV Black FB Messenger - White Text only for now...

older version below
FACEBOOK MESSENGER 2.4.2 - updated 04/16/2013

1. http://bit.ly/YSUxg0BlackFBM242White Black FB Messenger 2.4.2 - White Text

2. http://bit.ly/172aVv...kfbm242HoloBlue Black FB Messenger 2.4.2 - Holo Blue Text

3. http://bit.ly/11fYgBMBlackFBM242Red Black FB Messenger 2.4.2 - Red Text

4. http://bit.ly/11bN9LsBlackFBM242Purple Black FB Messenger 2.4.2 - Purple Text

5. http://bit.ly/12ljK2...kFBM242DarkBlue Black FB Messenger 2.4.2 - Dark Blue Text

6. http://bit.ly/11fYfh2BlackFBM242Yellow Black FB Messenger 2.4.2 - Yellow Text

7. http://bit.ly/17FA3tiBlackFBM242Cyan Black FB Messenger 2.4.2 - Cyan Text

8. http://bit.ly/12ljqkqBlackFBM242Orange Black FB Messenger 2.4.2 - Orange Text

9. http://bit.ly/YSTM6GBlackFBM242Pink Black FB Messenger 2.4.2 - Pink Text

10. http://bit.ly/ZZmPzZBlackFBM242Green Black FB Messenger 2.4.2 - Green Text

Instagram 3.4.4

1. http://bit.ly/106rF16BlackInstagram344 Black Instagram 3.4.4 - 3/6/2013

Skype 3.2.0

1. http://bit.ly/Y0zthrBlackSkype320 Black Skype - 2/27/13

Pinterest 1.4.3

Updated 04/17/2013

1. http://bit.ly/ZAgqLSBlackPinterest143 Black Pinterest - There's a screen with categories that has webview images so you can't really see them but the text is white so I think it's okay...


1. http://bit.ly/10hhF4WBlackSpotify05114 Black Spotify - 03/29/2013

Kik Messenger

1. http://bit.ly/Z7rlhP...KiKMessage62026 Black KiK Messenger 0 03/08/2013

WhatsApp Messenger 2.9.1547

1. http://bit.ly/WQTV5h...kWhatsApp291547 Black WhatsApp Messenger 2.9.1547 - 03/08/2013 - Make sure you verify your phone # using the stock app first.. Once it sends you the verification SMS you can uninstall it and install mine..

Dropbox 2.3.5

1. http://bit.ly/ZdqjTJBlackDropbox235 Black Dropbox - 04/11/2013

2. http://bit.ly/ZNtlkzXparentDropbox235 Xparent Dropbox - 04/11/2013

Twitter 4.0.2

1. http://bit.ly/13NUTUaBlackTwitter402 Black Twitter - 05/01/2013 Updated

2. http://bit.ly/11WXonlClearTwitter402 Clear Twitter - 05/01/2013 Updated


Big Ups to @itched for the ftp hosting!
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OP updated.. Transparent Facebook added
Downloading again...maybe Facebook will stop updating for awhile so you can really get a break lol

supercharged modified simply stunning 5.5 w/turbocharged 3g
Chevyno1 ulv 1.25GHz w/ kickasskernel tweaks
honeycomb 3D theme
19.8 linpack score
I know right?!?!.. lol..
OP updated.. fixed the white text issue in text field
Anyone trying this on ICS. I cant seem to find a stable inverted facebook, Twitter is also a bit flaky but does work somewhat. Facebook wont open at all for me unless I use market one :(

This is all I get when trying to load facebook. I get it once in a while out of the blue on twitter which is why im so confused as to what is causing the issue.

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I have both installed and they work fine on ics but I stopped production on fb and I need to update twitter ... just been busy with other stuff...

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hmmm I tried every ICS rom and all dont allow me to even get logged in, but market one does is the strange part. Im on droid 3 now running CM9 nightly, not sure the build offhand.

here's error I get right away, twitter does it too but not 24/7, twitter is intermitted when it works or wont

oops updated the wrong post with pic

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Thanks for the quick replies. I should have looked at which version from maket worked for me
i'll put it back later to get the version to see if its the one you refer to.
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Fb is pulling 90% web view and each version is tougher to invert. 1.8.1+ is impossible.. I got It inverted but it breaks the quick links to notifications at the top so its unusable... twitter should work tho.. I plan on updating Twitter soon and I'll look at Facebook again since they've updated more but I dunno if it'll do any good...

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Re: Facebook 2.0 ... Blacked Out (Dec. 14th - 2012)

OP has been updated to version 2.0 after more than a year.... enjoy

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Re: Facebook 2.0 ... Blacked Out (Dec. 14th - 2012)

It looks great.. Thank you for posting..

《Take Note2 BK's here..》
Thanks for updating this! I just installed it and really like it a lot! Thanks again.

Now if I could only find a Black GMail apk.
Re: Facebook 2.0 ... Blacked Out (Dec. 14th - 2012)

Thanks for updating this! I just installed it and really like it a lot! Thanks again.

Now if I could only find a Black GMail apk.

Thanks!... I have gmail 4.2.1 done but I just looked and I forgot to add it here on df..... I'll do that asaic.... otherwise its on other sites

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I installed this about 3:30 this morning on my Dinc2 and I really like it. Just fyi, I forgot to uninstall the original and had no problems. It just installed right over the top of the original. It looks really nice. Excellent work! I'm going to install it on my Touchpad right now.