[APPS] Google+ 3.5.3 - Blacked Out and Transparent (updated -Feb. 16th 2013)

After you select the pic at the bottom is a line and each side is supposed to be white text that says cancel and ok or something... but I didn't know about that so I'll update it soon ....

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I checked it out, there is an arrow. When you tap on that, it takes you to choose & then share shows up on the bottom. No cancel. Also there are 3 pics that showed up that aren't mine. Seem to be advertisements, & can't delete them. Thanks for all you do, I really appreciate it!

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Not sure what that's about... but glad everything else is good.... glad ya like it... :)

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Yes... once I have time to do it I will update... my market version got pulled so I'll only update the forums now for G+

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updated the OP with version 2.4.1
Yeppers... :) . I did a lot of testing and even the stock version didn't have hangout on my phones or on most others... travP said it did on his gnex so I tested his version and it didn't on my phones either so I went ahead and released my version w/o knowing if hangout works...

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OP updated to 3.2.1
OP updated to version
OP updated to
Updated to
OP updated to 3.5.3.. forgot to update threads the other day.. Oops... :D