Pixel 2 XL Display Woes Continue With New Burn In Issues

Mine is fine so far. Looks like "the internet" has something to hate. Here we go. *sigh*
Hate, eh maybe some do. But personally if there are issues I'm glad they are being pointed out. We all (at least I have) been on the side where you got a bad phone and because of the issues that forums and news sites pointed out I was able to link the issue when a rep tried to make it seem like I was the only one having the issue.

These are legitimate complaints and I know had it been on the other foot where this was the iPhone X a lot of people would've been piling on. My point is that I'm not going to say that there aren't people who may be hating just to hate. But I distinctly remember the Galaxy Nexus where people got on here and ragged those who were having signal issues making them feel like they were the problem (I personally went through about 4 Galaxy Nexus). When the dust settles even Google eventually admitted that there was an issue.

At what these phones are going for now if issues crop up I say share them. That way if it's a wide spread issue it forces the company to either solve it or try and make it right.

Personally I can't wait for my pixel 2 xl but to me flags started raising when I saw Google grey out a box so a person couldn't uncheck sRGB mode. To me they will only go through all that on the pixel 2xl (and not the pixel 2) if there was a problem they encountered. And I'm thinking the burn in may have been what they were trying to avoid or something else entirely different.

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Hmmm, I kind of thought Google would have it pretty covered this year with the P2. Little things like this is one reason I hoped that Google would partner with an OEM and say ok you're our maker for the next 3 years or whatever instead of bouncing from one to another every year. I understand the idea of everyone getting a taste also though.
I wish Google would go back to the Google experience devices. It's clear Google can make great software but hardware is where they trip up.

I think this go around Google experience devices would do better because back when they launched it people were not feeling paying full price for a phone. Now with options in place like Google store financing it will be easier to get people to jump on board.

Imagine a Google experience S8+, S8, or other phones. A vanilla S8+ that gets updates as fast as Pixel/Nexus devices, sign me up.

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Now that Google has HTC Mobile we can see if they will start in this direction. Google needs to be like Apple and take the reigns of a Device that is pure Google Design, Hardware and Software. Everything done in house. Farming out a Device built by someone else is not the answer for them.