1. DroidModderX

    Pixel 2 XL Display Woes Continue With New Burn In Issues

    As the Pixel 2 XL finally started hitting doorsteps last week we were inundated with complaints and reports of terrible Pixel 2 XL displays. LG has been putting LCD displays in their flagship phones for years. They decided to go with their POLED display in the 2 XL. Customers instantly found...
  2. DroidModderX

    The LG V30 POLED Display Suffers From Uniformity Issues

    LG has been using LCD displays in their flagship devices for years. Some folks prefer the more natural colors that these displays provide however they don't get nearly as bright as OLED displays and are more difficult to see in bright sunlight. LG has finally decided to switch over to an OLED...
  3. danDroid

    POLED vs IPS LCD Displays

    Cutting edge display technology has been at the forefront of selling bigger and better flagship smartphones these past few years, and the LG V30 recently arrived sporting yet another new panel type called POLED. With Samsung still marketing its Super AMOLED and Infinity Display technology, and...