Picasa Sync automatically uploading pictures

Dec 7, 2009
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So I just rooted my phone and I have an option for Picasa sync, but it looks like it just downloads what I have in the cloud to my phone.

I would find it far more useful the other way around - is there an app or setting that I would let me automatically upload pictures to the cloud after I take the pictures?

I have seen several of apps, but I really just want something simple and clean that automatically uploads pictures for archiving purposes - I don't want to share them online, I just wanted to back them up. So I thought Picasa would be nice, but I'm open to any other solution.

I have dropbox running, but that's not an automatic solution, and I prefer to use that to sync other files anyway.
when i select share on a picture one of the options is picasa and it lets me put it into my picasa drop box...
Right, I did that, but you have to do it manually. I'm really lazy so I like it done for me. :)
The Photobucket App does what you want... I don't understand why Picasa does not. I have both and you would think Picasa would be the more advanced in cloud based storage since it's Googles big push.