phone slow, freezes after boot up


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Feb 2, 2010
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im not rooted, but i installed the 2.2 update manually and noticed it had quite a few bugs in it, i figured when they fixed the bugs theyde realease 2.2 again and it would go over what i put in manually but it didnt. my problem is this...

when i turn it on it freezes unless i plug it in and let it fully charge (while frozen) then it will "wake up" and work, and i think there is a few other bugs i just dont remember. they realeased the flash for droid today, but it didnt fix the bugs i got from the update i put in manually.

is there a way i can roll back the update, and then update again over the air? can i bring it in to the verizon store and have them do that?
I don't think you should have any problems going to Verizon and have them fix it since your phone's not rooted or have any custom ROMs installed. But, because of the rooter I am, I wouldn't be able to do the same if my Droid was to take a crap one day. Unless I knew it was going to happen.