People that have uploaded/downloaded files Please read this


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Nov 30, 2011
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Hello everyone were having a bit of a problem with scripts an hacks for our bionics with multi upload an mega upload being seized and websites going down/deleting said scripts/FXZs do to the seize scare. If anyone has scripts that are essential to the bionic community please upload them just in case people run into a problem with there phone an need a script/FXZ an there not left out in the cold. lets all pitch in an support our community an get those need files out there. I personally use 4shared cuz they give me 15 GB of upload space an it is what i use to host my " FXZ .901/.902 compatible and .902 update" and support files for my FXZ files on plus drop box is another good one. So if u see someone in need of scripts/FXZ that no one else has an u just happen to have them lmao be the hero an post them i thank you all who have read this post and i am glad to be apart of an amazingly supportive community an i wish u all the best of luck with ur future bionic endeavors. [h=1]