Pandora bluetooth controls???


Nov 16, 2009
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Ok, I have a set of s305 bluetooth headphones and I am sure I used to be able to pause play and skip with the buttons on the headphones while playing pandora. However now this does not work. Am I halucinating or did something happen with pandora like an update that killed this functionality??
Not sure there any settings in Pandora that would maybe allow this??
I just got the S305's yesterday. Was using Pandora this morning and was able to use the skip funtion. Dident try to pause or anything but I assume its all working.

Ive read that swet can mess with the controls, not sure though.
I am pretty sure (not 100% though) that the same thing happened to me, I was able to use bluetooth controls with Pandora, later on it didn't work.

Seems to work with (consistently).
There was an update to Pandora today, that might have been the problem. I'll test it out on my commute to work tomorrow.