Pandora 1.5.3 .... TRANSPARENT.. UPDATED 1/24/11

transparents are really easy using gimp 2.6. Just open the image, delete the layer, add new transparent. Done.

I actually made the widget background transparent for this pandora app, as well as the advertisement "x" buttons...since I use adfree...I would get those annoying little "x" for closing the ad that would popup...I made them transparent as never see them.

EDIT: Doing this causes the app to FC when an ad is supposed to popup. Somehow those 2 images are related to the ad_close.xml file. EC...can you edit the .xml file to handle the x being transparent?
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Oooh. Can I use this on the Liberty rom-Linear theme?
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This should work on any rom

Well any rom thats for a hidef/ 854x960 or 800x960 and it should work fine just a matter if its signed or not. that will tell you if you need to be rooted or not.

Not signed will need to be rooted. If it signed it should install on nonrooted phones with any filebrowser.
OP has been updated with another download that has white/gray text for the notifications....
joint isn't transparent. It's still got a black background.
Apparently, you installed the wrong "joint". Transparent here! dancedroid


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can i get some please? i am new to this and would like to load it. i am rooted and running smoked glass rom.

any help would be great

The widget and has a smoked background. The program itself is transparent. Any way to get the widget transparent as well?
I was half asleep when I typed the above. Ok so I have the
.apk file on my sd card. I tried to load/install the file and it will not work. What are the steps to get it loaded?

Thx for the help

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Robjiii, you should just be able to download the app to sd card, select app, then select install and you should be good. If you have a version of pandora on your phone now, you will need to uninstall that first....

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I tried to uninstall pandora but it does not give me the option to do so in the app manager. Setting I am still learning

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Its cause its installed as system. Purchase root explorer from the market, then navigate to system/app folder. then click the ro/rw button ont he top right of root explorer. Ok now scroll down to find pandora. Now I'll suggest long pressing on it and choosing rename. I myself just remove the last letter. Now click your home button or use the power button and reboot phone.
Once it boots back up go to your sdcard and install the pandora you d/l'd from this forum.

Hope you can understand what I wrote, im not very good at explaining things :) If you have questions keep asking thats what we are all here to help when we can.
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Actually I set the app so that it can be loaded like a normal app so nonrooted users can use it. I would highly suggest root explorer, it is worth far more than it costs! After that just download the app, use RE to find it on your sd, select it, RE will give you an option to install, select install and you should have it. Remember to uninstall any versions you have now...

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Thanks for all the work on this.

I see you mentioned several times several weeks ago that you were going to update the widget to transparent too, Any progress on this?