Pandora 1.5.3 .... TRANSPARENT.. UPDATED 1/24/11


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May 6, 2010
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Here is the NEWEST Transparent Pandora everybody has been wanting...... It is 100% complete now so if you installed this earlier today you need to uninstall and get this one....

Changes: Landscape widget background is fixed
Complete transparency in landscape mode (no hazy look)
Station list text is white now from the gray

If you have Pandora currently installed, you will need to uninstall - *********** - online file sharing and storage - download

Download the file to your PC or Phone
Move the app to your SD card
Select the app
Select install
You have transparent Pandora!!!

Please let me know if you find any bugs, and I hope everybody enjoys this!!!!!!

Download this file for White/Gray text in Notifications.....

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Dude, you are the MAN! Installed perfect and looks awesome!

Mind sharing exactly what you changed, and in what xmls?
Nice!!! :dancedroid:

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Updates coming soon for bugs.... I found a few after my post but they will be fixed tonight.....

Glad you guys like it!
OP has been updated with the fully complete version..... Enjoy
Looks great, thanks.

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downloading now thanks..

any screen shots of this??

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It's transparent - so the background will be your wallpaper

i was kinda hoping that it would be more like your old transparent widget...i kinda liked that with the transparent facebook widget on the same screen.ran mine that way for several months now, but wanted to try the new updates.
The widget for this is transparent...
the one i got from here earlier today has a smoked transparent is transparent...tp76 had one once that was clear widget with no borders...all ya seen was a white text and player buttons....but if this one has been redone to have that i'll gladly take it...
oh, sorry, this still has the "smoked" looking widget... I am working on a theme for UD right now, but I will make one with a full transparent widget soon....