Pandora 1.5.3 .... TRANSPARENT.. UPDATED 1/24/11

Widget no longer transparent??

Ok, this is weird... i have the latest 1.5.3 version, and the widget isnt showing up as transparent on my phone anymore. Instead, i see a normal black bg around it. Its slightly transparent - you can kinda see thru it a little bit - but its definitely not fully transparent like it used to be.

The app itself still has a transparent bg, and other transparent widgets on my phone are still displaying properly.

I have a Moto Droid with a rooted version of the FRG83 Froyo release. Using ADW launcher, but i even tried putting the widget into the stock Android launcher for testing, and it didnt show up as transparent there either.

Anyone else experienced this or have any idea what might be up??? Im completely baffled......

thanks for any suggestions!
Your Pandora is fine, I just haven't made a version that has a fully transparent widget yet...
Ahhh, gotcha...doh. :) i had an older version that did have a transparent widget, must just not have noticed till now that this version didnt. Thanks!!
i finally figured out how to change the widget background to transparent myself. thanks to anyone else who tried to get this up with the transparent widget. escnead69: thanks for making the rest of this app transparent. i found an older version of pandora with the clear widget background and replaced all instances of those within your version to the older version....
Hey there! I installed the transparent Pandora app, which is definitely 1.5.3 based on the info listed in my settings, but the Market is still prompting me to update to 1.5.3. Is anyone else having this problem??

Tap, tap, tap a'roo...
Yeah, its weird, if you have Titanium Backup, just go in and detach Pandora from the market.... the update message will stop..
This one is 1.5.3, just changed the OP title....
It is all xml edits... you have to change the transparency in the xmls and make a theme change in manifest...

Sent just before I "Blacked Out"
for the widget no

If you mean to make the widget background transparent its just a simple png edit. I use and I use the eraser tool on the entire background image and its transparent that simple. Then just save it and put back into the apk using 7zip then push back to the phone your favorite way.
some use and some use root explorer.

hope that helps those wanting the widget transparent.
That method will work for apps that you don't plan on changing. However, once you make a .9 transparent by just erasing everything, it will never decompile correctly and you will have to change that image out every time. It will decompile as an image with 0 bytes and will not compile...

I suggest doing all transparency this way.... I take the image that I want to make transparent and open it in Then I make a box around the object with the window selection tool. Select properties and change the opacity from 255 to 2.. Now you have a transparent image that will always decompile/compile with no problems....

I didn't know that since I never did any compiling but I'll do them this way from now on if I do any that is :)

I prefer the blackNbold look myself :)