OTG Not Enabled By Default On The OnePlus 3


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Oct 6, 2011
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If you plug a few USB thumb drives into your OnePlus 3 you would probably just assume that the phone does not support OTG (on the go usb). The device does not support OTG by default. You have to go into settings and enable it by default. This whole situation made for some major confusion over the weekend. Benson Leung who was pretty critical of the USB Type-C implementation on the OnePlus 2 said of the OnePlus 3, "OnePlus simply hasn't learned how to build a phone properly." This statement was after a report that the device didn't include the support.

The report on "gtrusted" has since been edited after the writer discovered thanks to the help of some commenters that the feature is supported by the OP3 it just has to be turned on in settings. Devices like the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P are enabled by default so it would be pretty easy for someone familiar with those devices to expect the feature to be enabled by default. I personally don't understand why you wouldn't want it turned on by default in order to make the user experience a bit easier. Maybe it is to prevent malicious software from being installed by someone who could just pick up your phone and insert a USB stick? Who knows why OnePlus made this decision. At least now we know how to enable OTG through the settings menu!

via Gtrusted