OnePlus Two Will Include USB Type-C Connector


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Dec 30, 2010
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The folks at OnePlus have released another detail regarding their next-generation device. They tweeted that the OnePlusTwo will include the new USB Type-C connector that is the hot new tech of the moment.

In case you haven't heard of USB Type-C (USB-C), the new technology is a big improvement over previous USB technologies. The main benefits include the ability to be connected in any orientation (it's reversible), and bi-directional power flow (which means you can use one device to charge another device, as long as they both have the Type-C connector).

USB-C can also transfer data quite a bit faster than previous connections (10 Gbps to be precise), and it can transfer video bi-directionally too, which means this handy little universal connector could replace DisplayPort and HDMI. That's not all, USB-C can transfer a larger amount of power (up to 100 watts), it's backwards compatible, tiny, and it's an open standard so any company can put it in their devices.

It's impressive that OnePlus is being so forward thinking for their next device.

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Source: Twitter - OnePlus