1. D

    Simulate display with cutout

    The new 'Simulate display with cutout' feature is very useful for android development for making sure an app will work on all devices, however there are some types of cutouts I would like to try for which I am not given the option. Does anyone know how to add new cutout presets for this feature?
  2. A

    Pixel ringer volume tied to notification volume

    Hello, I just received the latest security update from Google on my Pixel phone, so I don't know if that was what was responsible, or perhaps something else I've done, but I've noticed some changes to my volume settings. In Tasker, I used to be able to set most if not all of my volumes from...
  3. Jim 777

    New Pixel XL - "Unknown Ringtone"

    I'm on about my third day with this phone and though there's some learning to do (maybe Android version or the fact it's my first non-Motorola phone) so I won't ask about those yet. However the one thing I see so far that seems to be a glitch or issue is that the ringtone keeps changing back to...
  4. DroidModderX

    Galaxy S7 Defaults To Full HD After Nougat Update

    For some reason Samsung has made the default resolution on the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge display 1080p Full HD as part of the Android Nougat update. This is likely meant to be a battery saving and performance enhancing change. If you want to continue to take full advantage of your Galaxy S7's QHD...
  5. V

    Solved Having serious issues with settings app crashing

    When I open the App Manager it completely dies. Permissions are altogether unuseable, it says something about screen overlays, then it dies. (Android 6.0) Actually the problem I was trying to solve when I found out that this was bork'd was the new dialer app I got not being allowed to dial. I...
  6. DroidModderX

    OTG Not Enabled By Default On The OnePlus 3

    If you plug a few USB thumb drives into your OnePlus 3 you would probably just assume that the phone does not support OTG (on the go usb). The device does not support OTG by default. You have to go into settings and enable it by default. This whole situation made for some major confusion over...