OTA notification...how to save to SD card instead.


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Sep 2, 2013
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As noted, both my wife and I received OTA notifications, but would prefer to route these to our SD cards for future installation.
I looked at several pages here, and could not locate a topic that mentions this specifically.

Aside from using Android/Linux commands to point to a specific file location, such as /sdcard/temp/ota, I would like to know if these OTAs can be pulled, then pushed to a separate file BEFORE being run on the phone.
No joy finding workable solutions, but do not wish to tinker with an OTA update that is not of our choosing, and would prefer being able to store it until we decide when and how to proceed.

Thanks for any help on this matter..
I have a bad display on this phone, but have started to get it ready for the repair, but the update is more concern at the moment, I am tired of taping the 'Install later' menu button on both of our phones.
Actually, if I knew the file location of this OTA, I could probably perform the transfer, but before I attempt such a task, I would like to know the location these OTAs are saved at, so I can go directly to that location and direct it to my SD card before performing the actual update.

Thanks again!
You go to files on your apps and touch sd card and scrool down to OTA-updater go to downloads it shoul be there. Then i gess u just delete it and then wen u want to get the update just go to settings-->
About phone->system update
update is stored in /cache
to stop updates
Rename /system/app/BlurUpdater_VZW.apk to BlurUpdater_VZW.apk.bak.
Rename /system/app/BlurUpdater_VZW.odex to

reboot, wipe cache

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I now have the location of where and how these updates are stored, and I performed the alteration to stop them on both of our phones.
I renamed the path; system/app/BlurUpdater_VZW.odex.bak, so we should never be bothered again, as suggested.

Good thing I have this need to write everything down and file it, my notes are growing!
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I love a challenge, and have found it, here, in the Android forums!
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