Ordering online and beating tiered data?


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May 11, 2011
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A friend of mine wants to upgrade to a DInc2 to get into the unlimited data plan. If she ordered from Amazon or Wirefly today, she probably wouldn't receive it to activate until Wednesday or Thursday. Does anyone know if just ordering the phone would get her in before the July 7 deadline?
overnight. you might get it tomorrow.
I'm not sure about those sites, but through vzw.com when you choose data thats what you will be paying, regardless of when you get the phone and activate it.
I just got 2 Dinc2's today for free for my family share plan on VZW. Got them through wirefly. Think it used my new every two but wasn't needed. Can't beat getting 2 pretty new phones for free. My D1 is still going strong, but like the OP I wanted to get my 2nd line on the unlimited Data before Tiered data rolled out. I've personally only ever gone over 2GB/mn when I was using my phone as a hotspot when I was with out broadband for a educational trip. None the less it is nice to have unlimited data for when it's needed.

Now looking forward to seeing the DInc2 rooted. I've been using Gingerbread for some time and think going backwards would be awkward, and the bloat ware needs to go away. TY for this thread as it was what made me pull the trigger instead of waiting for a 4G BOGO deal later down the road. My wife will thank you too when she receives her present as it's a surprise.