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Jan 1, 2011
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Just spoke to my brother who got his S3 today and he called Verizon to confirm unlimited data and they told him he was on a 6gb plan. He told them that he ordered on the 12th and that he had the paper work confirming unlimited data. The CSR said that she would try to fix it but that she would need to do a bunch of paperwork to get it fixed.

Moral of the story = When you activate, call Verizon to confirm your data plan!
I had to call to get mine activated, as it was trying to assign the new SIM card to my Thunderbolt. The rep noted (without my asking) that both of my lines still had unlimited data).
I mentioned on other threads that I am one of those who lost unlimited data when I activated. However, I did not have a problem getting them to fix it - very quickly and without incident. It was not complicated and took under a minute for the rep to change it back.

Pre-ordered on 6/6, had unlimited data since 2009.
Pre-ordered on the 26th. They entered the wrong address so I had them fix it on the 29th. I told them I still wanted my unlimited plan. The phone rep told me he'd call me back on the 15th after my phone had arrived to make sure my plan stayed the same. I don't think i'm going to wait for that phone call. I'll hit them up this evening when I get home.
I checked online after I activated and I was still showing unlimited data. I'm going to check again today after work to make sure I still have it.
Still unlimited for my new S3, too. Ordered on June 27, just hours before the transition occurred. :blink:
yup on the VRZ site you wont see the unlmited, but when you call the reps see it.

Yes it does. Under my plan tab it will show "Unlimited Email & Web for Smartphones (personal email)"

If it's there after activation your good to go, confirmed via Twitter VZW Support.
This is what it says on the Verizon website under my plan, used to say month to month, but that was changed when I did the upgrade, everything else and my plan stayed the same, now tomorrow it will show the S3 instead of the Rezound, and that's all that should change

You are eligible to upgrade with discounted pricing on 03/08/14. Or you may upgrade now at full price.

Note: Upgrading your device may extend your contract.

Upgrade My Device >

View Usage >
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[h=2]My Voice Plan[/h]

[h=4]NATIONWIDE TALK 450[/h]

[h=4]Plan Includes:[/h]
  • $39.99 Monthly Access Charge
  • 450 Monthly Allowance Minutes
  • Per Minute Rate After Allowance: $0.45/min. Peak , $0.45/min. Off-Peak

Change Minutes

[h=2]My Messaging Plan[/h]

500 messages PLUS Unlimited Mobile to Mobile Messaging

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[h=2]My Data Plan[/h]
  • Unlimited Email & Web for Smartphones (personal email)$24.59/mo
Change Data

[h=2]Promotions and Discounts[/h]

Caller IDFree
Call ForwardingFree
Basic Voice MailFree
Unlimited IN CallingFree
500 messages PLUS Unlimited Mobile to Mobile Messaging$10.00
Nights & WeekendsFree
OTA Software UpdateFree
VZAppZone ProvisionFree
Block Premium SMSFree
Unlimited Email & Web for Smartphones (personal email)$29.99$24.59
Backup Assistant PlusFree
SDM ProfileFree
Back Up Assistant Plus - 500MBFree
4G No Roam - USA OnlyFree
Wireless Phone Protection$5.18

Monthly Access
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yup on the VRZ site you wont see the unlmited, but when you call the reps see it.

Like others have posted, you should see unlimited under your account. Not all discounts appear, but you should definitely see unlimited.