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Mar 29, 2011
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I purchased a Maxx from Verizon wireless online.

Here is my concern...

I transferred an upgrade from one of my dumbphones to my primary line. It was the last new every two so I received a $50 discount on the Maxx so I ordered it for $250.
As I went through the upgrade everything was great.. It showed my unlimited data and everything was cool.

I then went to check-out and the only current charges were only for my line access and my hotspot not my data.

I called a verizon rep...she said no problem, just call in and they will activate the phone on my primary line and I will keep my unlimited data.
I questioned her several different ways and she said they just had all been briefed on it and there should be no problem.

The weird thing is that it only showed 9.99 calling features and my hotspot no data at all.
Should I call and cancel the order and just go to the verizon corporate store?...but that is where they screwed my husband's service up.

What should I do? I am worried about losing my unlimited data.
I would go to the corporate store, talk to the supervisor in person, have them correct the problem to your satisfaction, get their name and get it in writing...maybe even a blood sample for DNA analysis proof. OK, no blood sample, but take a picture of them for identity verification.:biggrin:
Thanks, I talked with a manager and she was really helpful.. Interesting thing she told me the unlimited Hotspot isn't an option in stores now.. Unsure if I would have lost that if I had upgraded there.. She told me that if the telephone reps can't put my unlimited back on the account to bring my phone into the store and she will take care of it. Yipeee..:)

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