Verizon data prices


May 11, 2010
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Buffalo NY
My friend is looking to get a new smartphone and i have a question about the way they charge for data now that it's changed a bit. She is on a family plan and is getting an upgrade. She already has a data plan but it's very basic and i guess is only 10 bucks a month. She doesn't know exactly because she just sends money to her dad for the bill. Would she need to upgrade the data plan to the new tiered data plan. Part two of this question how much is a data plan on a family plan? I have no idea how family plans work so trying to awnser these questions are difficult.

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Family Plan

I am on a family plan and if you would like to upgrade to a Droid, the sales associate told me it would be an extra $30.00 a month.

Hope this will help :)
I don't know anything about the $10 plan. From what I understand, the new data plan pricing is $29.99 for 2GB, double that for 4GB, and about $59.99 for 5GB. My hubby was thinking about getting a smartphone and I asked a rep last week about it. He said he considers himself a pretty heavy user, and has barely used his 2 GB (I think he said he watches some you tube and streams music. He checked on my account and I used almost 1 GB in one month, and that was my heaviest month. I mainly do social media and email on my phone.