Downgrading from current family does that effect my unlimited data?

Xander Crews

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Sep 28, 2010
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St. Louis
We currently have a family plan with two lines.
My line has unlimited data for my Rezound, and my wife's line has no data as she has a dumb phone.

A friend has said they would give her their old smart phone and she may take it, but doesn't want to pay the additional $30 for data on her line. So she is looking at other providers. I don't think we could add the phone to our Verizon plan anyway as it is an LG-something phone from T-Mobile.

My question is... if she leaves our family plan, how will that effect me and my unlimited data? Obviously I won't need a family plan anymore, so can I downgrade to a plan for a single line and still keep my unlimited data? I'm only about 5 months into a 2-year contract. Her line is not currently under contract.

Just looking for some options.
Also... any decent providers that would allow for a T-Mobile smart phone to be used on their network?

Xander Crews said:
Nice find...thanks!

Hopefully that is still the case. I'll have to go to the Verizon store and talk to them about it...or call I guess.

Please let us know what happens. My wife's contract is up next month and mine is up next year. If what you're doing is an option I may do it with her line depending on the cost.

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