One Thing keeping me from andriod phone, need recommendations


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May 10, 2022
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I currently have an iPhone XS and was considering buying an andriod device for a long time but never did and the one reason why is because of the repairbility of devices, I've recently got into repair not to long ago and developed a hobby on opening up devices for fun, when I have time I am on youtube for hours looking up different device (even if I don't own that said device) I was curious about serveal andriod devices (pixel, galaxy s7 and newer, *cough HTC) and found those device to be atrious to repair and fix up, in my opinion they are A LOT harder to repair basic things (screen,battery,charge port,etc.), now I know there are alot more to repair than just battey, ports,ect, but I take very good care of my phone and I know I am being Naïve but I dont worry to much about the other parts of the phone falling. I was considering buying a google pixel with that graphene rom or whatever y'all call it and break away from apple, but withdrew because just opening the phone is ironcally more of a pain than the iPhone XS I currently own. its there a andriod device (that is sealed) that opens like the iphone or simiar? that I wont screw up and end up having to buy another phone and waste more money and pollute the enivomrment.
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Never opened an iPhone, but willing to use one as a target at my backyard range.:) But looking at how the later ones open on PBK and Jerry rig reviews they all appear to open in a similar fashion. Heat, plastic tool and pry away (VERY CAREFULLY WITH THE GLASS BACKS).

Appears batteries on Samsungs are the hardest to pull out, while iPhone appears to be easiest.

I have taken apart Pixel 4XLs for battery replacements for some friends; actually easy.

Taking apart phones and computers was sort of a natural progression for weapon armoring. Or so it seemed to me. Hardest thing I ever took apart in the electronics world was a HP laptop to replace the keyboard. It was an ENVY so the keyboard was attached to the bottom of the top cover. Had to separate top cover from bottom cover, then remove all items on the bottom of the top cover, melt or cut plastic rivets, remove keyboard, install new keyboard, and use a plastic welder to replace the melted or cut plastic rivets. That was a tiresome task, but doable. (Next time, I'll just purchase a new top cover with the keyboard installed for 100 bucks more. Or just replace the computer.
Especially, since the HP I replaced the keyboard on had a slight accident from my roof to the ground. Fall didn't hurt it, but that sudden stop really did the top and bottom covers, but the screen was untouched.

This article is interesting about iPhone repair....
Apple's self-repair process is reportedly 'far from ideal' for many iPhone users