One of iPhone's best selling games Fruit Ninja is coming to Android this Wednesday


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Aug 24, 2010
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According to the CEO of Halfbrick who I talked to today, Fruit Ninja, which is one of the most popular games on iOS is coming to Android in 2 days.

Details and a video preview of the new Arcade game mode on the iPad are here: Fruit Ninja Coming To Android Wednesday + New Arcade Mode [AppNation]

By the way, he said it only took the company 2 weeks to port Fruit Ninja from iOS to Android using the NDK.

Go Android!
Fruit pirate is here already and very clever indeed, me laddy. Arrrrrrrrh.
2 weeks?

Pisses me off how some developers are so stuck up. Money is money, so why NOT port these games?

Glad to see another willing developer to help further the development of android and games.
Glad to see another quality game ported Bird Strike ?
Fruit pirate is here already and very clever indeed, me laddy. Arrrrrrrrh.

Ya it's the same game, not to mention a pointless game, sorry but I mean just slicing fruit? really? had it on my phone for about 10min.
I love this game on the iphone its so addicting. Cant wait.
I grew up watching Shadow Warriors back in the day.
I love this game! Nobody lets me practice with my real sword.
This lets me play without scaring the dogs or stabbing the sofa.
Thank you, this is good news for other visitors
Im a newbie. Nice to join this forum.
This game now is already on the android os. Of course, It's a good game.
Was this an old thread? I am sure I have had griut ninja on my dinner for months?? Still a fun game!

Haha that's funny! Tapatalk only lists the date not the year. Thought it was kinda odd