Fruit Ninja - so addictive!

Anyone tried multiplayer yet? I got a friend we work the same hours but in different cities, we want to play together during work.

I don't think there IS a multiplayer mode yet, is there?

Emitted from X.

I recall there being multi-player on iphone version, maybe this feature will be implemented sometime in the future?
For some reason this game just will not download. Unfortunately it is to late to refund (bought it and didn't have time to check it out for a few days and never downloaded). It sits at downloading for a while and then just says "Download Unsuccessful."

For a while, when i tried to just cancel it it crashed market, so I had to reset the cache and data for the market for it to be canceled, then tried to download again and got the same result.

Anyone else get it to download on UD 8.0?
I'm having the same issue with things not downloading. So far I'm able to download most free apps, but nothing on the paid side. Strangely, I'm also not able to download the free Angry Birds. I've tried all the fixes short of resetting my device, but it still won't dl. It's a mystery.
I was so excited about this game but the lack of variety had me bored after 5 mins. In one of the knockoff games, which is also free, after you cut the fruit in half, you can then cut the 1/2 pieces again for combos and such, adds a whole lot to a very mundane, repetitive game.