On a Battery's mAh


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Aug 22, 2010
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So looking @ Verizon's website, the Dinc has a 1300mAh battery, 312 minutes of talk time. The Droid X has a slightly higher 1540mAh (I see 1500 on my battery?) and it has 480 minutes of talk time.

Big difference for only 200mAh right? So what is mAh anyway, does 200mAh or even 2000mAh make a big difference? And I am under the impression the Droid X has better battery life, simply because I have owned both, does the Droid Incredible just hog energy and the DX have some kind of energy conservation going on? Because with thathuge 4.3 inch screen I would think the battery life for both would be about even?
Milli amp hour.

Yes a higher # means more juice.

However if your comparing 2 different devices it just depends on the device and how you use it or set it up as to how long the battery will last. There are several battery threads on this forum.
Well like why does the Droid X- a powerhouse with a huge screen- have better battery life than the Droid Incredible? Assume they are used equally, I am really looking for a more personal answer than "depends how you use it", like is it the processor, the different type of screen, etc?

And more importantly was my question really answered in another thread?

What effects battery life:

1. Processor
2. CDMA Radio
3. Speakers
4. Wifi radio
5. Screen
6. camera
7. Software

And then remember that all the parts inside the 2 phones, the ones listed above, are made not the same (in other words, the processor in the Inc isnt the same as in the DX) so they take different amounts of juice.

Every part of the phone makes a difference, there isnt 1 single answer as to why the DX would last longer. But yeah, Ive had both and the DX is definitely better. Hope that makes a little more sense.
Yeah I gotcha, so the Dinc is lousy in that its components take a lot of juice, whereas Motorola outdid themselves with the little powerhouse of a Droid X.

Thanks haha
By the way, is 1.45Ghz as high as you can go? I hear the TI's overclock nicely lol
Yeah, I tend to think Motorola makes just a little more of a solid device than HTC, however I like both.

1.45ghz is as high as the X will go. The Incredible is less.

PS- When I got my X, battery life was ok, but not great. Now with a custom ROM, tweaking, undervolting and an extended battery....I can get 20+ hours easily.
Well I'm Otterbox-ing the X, dropped my Inc a few times..... So an extended battery is kinda out, although supposedly the Motorola official DX extended battery is only so very slightly larger than stock.

I got my Inc up to... 1.19Ghz any higher and it'd freeze.

As far as the battery goes, would staying stock with a stock battery be sufficient for a day or two with average use in your opinion? Because I dislike underclocking, don't wanna deal with custom ROMs, since I have to reason to (Sense 2.0 ROM on my Dinc) and like I said, extended battery=fat phone.