Officially Released Droid Bionic Commercial

Personally I think the commercial is hella lame but unlike some others it doesn't affect my decision to get it at all. I've seen the specs; that was good enough for me. ;)
I could care less about this commercial. Nothing beats the og campaign and never will, but let me preorder already! People look at my phone like dial up internet..."you still have that?"

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Marketing these days us utter crap, this is no exception.
i remember the first og droid commercials and thought i would never get what ever they are trying to sell some time later played with the phone and bought it if people like the phone it wont matter what type of commercial you trow at it.
^Yea the commercial, advertising, marketing is just to let you know it exists. Thats all.
Maybe we should wait till they come out with a phone where their slogan is "Rule the World!" :)
I think they need to hype this up if they plan on selling any. It's going to get some good competition from the SGS2 and the next gen iPhone.. I like the teaser, I hope they put some ad dollars to work and really promote this thing.

Especially now that Sprint is getting the Iphone also. Its funny how the 'competetion' is competing. Iphone ads carriers, android ads phones.
I guess I'm really starting to anticipate getting this phone. Last night I had a dream that while walking down the street I found the wallet of the VP of Motorola. I was hoping that by returning it to him I could get a free phone out of it.