Official CM13 Nightlies Arrive For The Zuk Z1


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Oct 6, 2011
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A few months ago I got to spend some time with the Zuk Z1. Zuk was an independent OEM that was doing such a great job with mobile development that Lenovo took interest and eventually bought them. Now they are Zuk by Lenovo. The Z1 is their latest flagship device. It is actually a pretty popular phone internationally. CyanogenMod has started to roll out official nightlies for the device.

Of course CM13 brings the phone up to Marshmallow which means the phone can now take advantage of features like Google On Tap, Fingerprint scanner compatibility, and Doze battery enhancements. My time spent with the phone was enjoyable. The phone has a decent build with a plastic back, metal frame, and Gorilla Glass 3 wrapped 1080p display. The display has decent viewing angles and gets pretty bright. Performance was great as well. CyanogenMod13 will only make the experience with this device that much better!