of course no 3g or 4 g


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Mar 7, 2011
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new york
why did i even bother getting this stupid piece junk razr i havnt had 3g or 4g at all today and no phone service at all i went thru this with the bionic i went back to the droid x2 and i just went to the razr and of course no service no 3or 4g OF COURSE WTF i am so sick of this *poop* they put out not one good phone at all these is BS . i hate this BS i am done with this *poop* , i am not buying another phone . i am ready to throw this phone thru a wall . no service at all not even phone service sometimes just like the bionic , why even bother . 10 hrs so far and still nothing . no service . HOW CAN VERIZON SELL THESE AND MOTOROLA PUT THESE OUT AND THEY DON'T WORK AND THEY DON'T WANT TO HELP YOU FOR *poop* BUT THEY WILL GLADLY TAKE YOUR MONEY WHEN YOU HAVE TO PAY YOUR BILL AND OR NEED ANOTHER PHONE . *poop on* THIS
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Maybe you're just buying the wrong phones. Lorsa happy HTC users around here.

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I had the rezound i had a few problems with that but a least it worked .
The Rezound was the only LTE phone I had that had no issues with connectivity. I have a friend who is a pilot and has no issues either, and he's traveling all the time obviously.
Razr owner here, no 3g problems at all. Sorry for the bad luck.

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Droid 4

How I miss my Droid 1. No issues at all. The Droid 4 would be awesome if the $30 a month data plan was good for anything. Right now the only thing it is good for is making phone calls. If I wanted to do that, I would not have got a smart phone :mad: