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Dec 26, 2014
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Just talked to Motorola and was told my Turbo was not MHL capable. I live in a rural area and can not get internet service, was depending on my phone a be able to play movies. Now my sister can take her old android phone and plug into her non smart TV and watch movies and see her pictures. Very disappointed, never had an iPhone but now I think I will switch over!
Welcome to droid forums.. Not sure what MHL is.. And i have a turbo.. Perhaps another user will be able to help you... Stay tuned.
Welcome to the forum Lizvan!
I've used an MHL adapter on my last two Samsung phones and am surprised the Turbo doesn't have a similar option. You might see if you can find a USB/HDMI compatible type cable. Or look into AllPlay or similar software method that produces the same results, but via Bluetooth instead of a cable. I'm not sure about Motorola, but Samsung has a number of different Bluetooth options for screen mirroring/sharing. (You usually need a Smart TV for these methods though) Hang in there and hopefully one of our more knowledgeable Motorola owners can give you some suggestions.
Good luck!
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Mhl option on a phone let's you play movies, picture and ext. onto your TV via HDMI cord. I called Motorola and they said turbo is not capable, I'm very limited because of the rural area I'm in for other options being I don't have internet service here. Thanks:)
The turbo uses wireless display. You would need a miracast adapter plugged into the tv's hdmi port. (Other current flagships like the Lg g3 uses slimport, The Sony z3 uses mhl. Both the Sony & Lg also do wireless display.)