Non-rooted extended battery for HTC Thunderbolt won't charge past 60%. Dies in <6 hrs


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Jul 9, 2012
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Expanding on the title, I've had my phone for almost 2 years and picked up the standard extended battery 9 months ago. When I first bought the battery everything worked fine. I got 2 days solid of moderate usage. Slowly the phone stopped reaching peak charge and dropped over a period of 2 months to the point where it wouldn't charge past 60% and with light to moderate usage I'm lucky to go 6 hours without the phone dying. This morning I tried rooting the phone to reset the battery stats which I thought worked but alas it had no effect. Right now, I'm trying to charge my old battery to see if I can get it to 100%. Does anyone have any thoughts as to what went wrong with my battery and how to fix it. Every "battery fix" I read about requires the phone to be charge to 100% which isn't happening. Thanks for the advice!