NO Root For Note 5 or Galaxy S6 Edge + EVER! Thanks To Knox!

Well it looks like the option to have unlocked will be available for all carriers now with phones like the Pure and now Verizon has joined the Nexus wagon again... New Nexus 5X will also be available for Verizon and for folks on AT&T you also have plenty of choices for unlocked phones like One Plus and others.. So if you get a Samsung like I'm using now enjoy it stock and don't figure on the. Root....

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My last Samsung phone was the Note 3-there is absolutely no reason for me to support them in their quest for complete control of a device I pay full price for and supposedly "own". I'll never own another of their devices given all the new killer spec phone on the way; for half the price.
Look for ads coming to your home screen and you WILL NOT be able to do anything about it. When push comes to shove, money will win every time. And VZW/ATT will be there with their hands in your pockets...
This will only affect a fraction of a percent of people.
Basically. Say "root" to the common man and they'll act interested....but won't follow through once they see the work involved.

I have a friend who still hasn't used the titanium backup license I have him due to this!