PingPong Root Tool Roots The Verizon Galaxy S6!


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Oct 6, 2011
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All of you Note 4 owners are going to be mighty jealous this evening! While your Note 4 has been more than 6 months without root, the Verizon Galaxy S6 already has root just a few weeks after release! Before yesterday there were a few ways to root S6 variants (not including Att and Verizon) which included an Odin Flashable CF-Auto-Root, and flashing TWRP to your device then installing SuperSU from within TWRP. Both versions of Root tripped Knox voiding your warranty, and neither of these methods worked for the ATT and Verizon variants.

The new PingPong Root Tool by "Keen Team" will work on all variants even Verizon and ATT. A plus to this method is that it does not trip Knox and won't void your warranty. This method is also the easiest method for rooting the Galaxy S6. It only requires you to download a zip file which you will unzip, install the included app, and then simply click "Get Root". A screen will pop up telling you to wait. Then another screen will pop up telling you the process is complete, and you should reboot your phone. Once you have rebooted you will see an app called KingRoot. Open this app to grant root permission to your root apps.

Team Keen is also working on a version of the app that will work on the Galaxy S6 Edge. The root exploit may also work on the Note 4 but this is still being investigated. Head to the link below for the download.

via XDA